Technical Support

Technical Support is available to all customers running 30-day Trials, New Product Purchases within the first year, or customers with a current Updates, Support & Enhancement (USE) Agreement by e-mail or phone during normal business hours.


Technical Support Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

9:00am to 5:00pm (CST)


Phone: 1(800)526-2237 option 2

            1(254)230-4247 option 2



Support Request Form: Click Here to Submit a Question to Support


Please contact our Support Department in advance if technical support will be needed outside normal business hours.


Updates, Support & Enhancement (USE) Agreement

Technical Support and free Product Updates are available on all of our products for the first year of initial purchase.  Our clients can protect their LAN-ACES software investment through our Updates, Support & Enhancement (USE) Agreement.  The USE Agreement will extend their Technical Support and Product Updates coverage for an additional 12 months.


For more information on our USE Agreements, please visit our USE Agreements page or call our Sales department at 1-800-LAN-ACES (1-800-526-2237) option 1 or 1(254)230-4247 option 1.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Support Information


Support Utilities

Technical Support may request that you download and install utilities to help with either the diagnosis or correction of an issue that you might be having.  If directed by our Technical Support department, please visit our Support Utilities Page.


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Before Contacting Support

  1. Make sure that you or your customer has a current USE Agreement.  If needed, contact our Sales department to verify or renew your USE Agreement.

  2. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the product.

  3. If you are calling our Support department, then please be at the workstation/server or mailbox that is having the problem or have access to that system.

  4. If the problem can be recreated, then have the necessary steps available in order for our Support technicians to be able to reproduce the problem.

  5. If you are receiving an error message, then it is extremely important to supply our technicians with the exact and complete text of the error message.

  6. If you need to send a problem e-mail message to our support department, then please do not forward or copy and paste the problem message. Our technicians will need to have a copy of the message with its original header information and properties.  It has to be the original message, and not the message that has been forwarded to another user or administrator.  From the users Office-Logic mailbox that contains the original problem message:

    1. Find the problem message in Office-Logic and right-click on that message. 

    2. Select the Send as attachment option which will automatically open a create message window and save the original message as an attachment. 

    3. Address the message to and make sure to give a complete description of the problem that you are having, along with appropriate contact information.

  7. When sending an e-mail to Support, please make sure to include the following information.

  • Your Company Name.

  • Your Name.

  • Customer Name if you are a Dealer or a Consultant for an Office-Logic customer.

  • Phone Number.

  • E-mail Address.

  • Product that you are having an issue with.

  • Version Number.

  • Description of the problem.

  • Complete text of any error messages.

  • Step-by-step instructions on recreating the problem.

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